Culinary show in Taipei !

” Pastry, you know, is not made to feed people but to give them something sweet to share.” – (Gaston Lenôtre)

Driven by this maxim, Pastry Chef Yam Hin Lok, from the Mandarin Oriental 5*Hotel, led a culinary show on August 18th in Taipei in which the Isigny Tribehou PDO butter from Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin had a place of pride!

Facing an audience of professionals (bakers, pastry chefs, restaurant owners …), he created beautiful and tasty pastries. To realize these wonders, the Chef’s talent relies of course on his know-how, and on the selection of the best products. The Chef uses Isigny Tribehou PDO butter for its easy-to-work texture and its unique taste qualities. For its excellent features, Isigny Tribehou PDO butter was awarded a silver medal at the 2020 General Agricultural Competition. Our deepest thanks to our Taiwanese partner, supported by Pauline Frison – Asia Zone Manager, for organizing this event.










What makes Isigny Tribehou PDO butter so unique?

  • Must respect the geographical area
  • Cows graze at least 7 months/year
  • The herd’s feed come from Isigny PDO area
  • 30% of the collected milk at least come from Normand breed cows (settled in Isigny Area)
  • Respect of traditional know-how
  • Unique taste and color