Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin: the 1st 100% traceable liquid milk for children

On the occasion of CIIE (China International Import Expo) and FHC (Food & Hospitality China) fairs
which take place from November 5 to 9 and 10 to 12 respectively in Shanghai, Les Maîtres Laitiers du
Cotentin present an innovative solution allowing, for the 1st time, full traceability across continents of
its milk cartons for children.


Within its ultra-modern production plant located in Méautis (50), Les Maîtres Laitiers manufacture a wide range of products, such as various types of formulated milk including liquid infant milk. For these products, consumers have stronger and legitimate requirements for quality, health guarantees and transparency.

In partnership with Foodgates (https://foodgates.com/fr), a new generation B2B food platform directly linking French producers to Chinese buyers, Les Maîtres Laitiers have developed a flawless traceability solution, thanks to a tamperproof blockchain system. Guillaume Billard – International Director of Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin – emphasizes: “The technical and logistical expertise of our partner, associated with the know-how of the Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin from Normandy, makes it possible to track all stages of milk production,
from transformation to finished products, from storage and transport to the final delivery to consumers, simply by scanning the QR code
printed on the package ”.

With such an innovative strategy, Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin are able to address the challenges of Chinese consumers with quantity
and quality. Thanks to the robust demand from Chinese consumers, the milk market is expected to reach $ 26.9 billion in 2020. With limited local farms to meet those demands, China depends on a large scale on foreign suppliers. (source: Bloombergquint). In recent years, the Chinese government has been promoting the nutritional quality of dairy products, positioning country to be the world’s leading market in 2022. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend and increased the interest of families in product origin and food safety.

In  a country where 96% of consumers consider dairy products to be important for strengthening immune system (source: dairyreporter), LesMaîtres Laitiers du Cotentin integrated with the blockchain ecosystem developed by Foodgates take up this major issue of traceability and transparency for Chinese families!

This solution is now applied to liquid milk for children, the experience and feedback of which will allow Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin to
look for potential opportunities in new countries to ramp up and meet expectations of more consumers.